For those with a professional website made with Wowchemy (former "Hugo Academic"), and wishing to have a "verified" link to their website in their Mastodon profile:

(1) Create this file in your Wowchemy project:

(2) Write in the file:
<link rel="me" href="https://my.mastodon.instance/web/@mymastodonid"/>

Hi there! This is ACM, the world's largest computing society. As you might have noticed, we have opened not only our official #Mastodon account but also our own #instance!

Please consider joining, a community for #computing researchers & practitioners to connect & exchange ideas with each other, whether you are an ACM member or not.

You can use this link to join:

Spread the word with your friends and colleagues! Happy tooting!


FYI if you would like the Mastodon web client to be able to fetch the followers/follows of a user that is from another Mastodon instance, you can add a thumbs up to this feature request:


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