"Is it okay if I log this once a minute from the agent?"

"You tell me if it's worth it - that's about 4.6 billion times a day across our fleet."

When someone tells you to have a laser focus, please remember not to stare directly into the laser as that may cause a permanent lack of focus.

Everyone at #FOSDEM is touting their "single binary", I guess what we need now is a binary dating site

Small question for @cdown : how is shared memory managed within cgroups? If I have a big executable (let's say 100MB, because cool kids like static these days) that is executed from different cgroups, is that memory accounted for in each cgroups? Are the pages cached globally by the kernel? Do each process have it's own cache?

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I'm hyped for the next one, Chris Down is a good speaker and his cgroup talks are usually nice summaries for what is happening in the kernel

7 years of cgroup v2: the future of Linux resource control fosdem.org/2023/schedule/event

Replacing taggz images by squashfs (bonus points for the screen slides)

Why resolving two names in a GUI program is hard ;
A summary of available name resolution APIs on Linux and why a new one is needed by Petr Menšík

getaddrinfo is blocking. getdns and adns are DNS-specific. systemd-resolved is systemd.

GUI applications want to wait for events, not to have blocking calls.

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So, the parser is very fast but also very specialized. If IETF adds things to the zone file syntax, the parser is doomed.


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First step to speed parsing: drop Lex and Yacc (too slow and too general for DNS zone file parsing).

Next step, preventing the CPU pipeline to stall (bubbles - NOP - stall the flow.)

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.com is 160 Mdomains and 24 GB.

@pb's eu.org is almost as large (this was a troll)


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We endup in the Software define storage room for a talk on s3gw

After a short break for food 🍟, and a short stroll though the corridors of the ULB trying to find a room

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