Replacing taggz images by squashfs (bonus points for the screen slides)

We endup in the Software define storage room for a talk on s3gw

After a short break for food 🍟, and a short stroll though the corridors of the ULB trying to find a room

Next up is "Building a distributed search engine with Tantivy"

The model rest on size-bounded queues (see numbers on the arrows for the queue capacity)

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So after a setup phase and updating the firmware image, I moved most of the stuff from my old 24x1G switch to the MS510TX, with a mix of native 2.5G and 2x1G LAGs. The switch was added to observium as well (the MIB support is not great)

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Discovered a nice Grafana board showing electricity production across Europe, including French nuclear availability

Found out today that Unifi publishes radio antenna radiation pattern at so you can tune the position of your AP just right

Always funny to see a hard drive copy inexorably slowing down as the head moves from the outside of the platter toward the inner tracks

When you udpate the EFI certificate revocation list of an Hyper-V virtual machine running with 👌


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