I'm trying to setup with a nginx reverse proxy but api/notes/timeline, /streaming and a bunch of other urls are returning 502.
Any ideas of why?


What's your nginx config like? Misskey doesn't make it obvious in its docs that you need to do a fairly complex proxy config.

I found a working setup here:

@NFG Greetings.
My nginx config looks like this

Let me try the one you gave me.


Well, a 502 error means that nginx is receiving the request but for one reason or another cannot get a useful response from misskey.

This could mean many things:

Misskey isn't running,
or the proxy isn't correct,
or Misskey is misconfigured,

Maybe show me your current nginx config with the new changes?

Here is my Nginx config with the changes:
And my misskey config:

Also, I am launching misskey with
NODE_ENV=production npm start

I tried to build and init misskey several times but nothing changed.


Hmm, I'm running it as a service.

Can you verify that it's running?

I notice that you're not using HTTP2 in your nginx config:

listen 443 ssl http2;

^ that's what I have. I also don't set my index filenames, misskey handles that. Not sure if it's related.


I also don't set a root location in my server block, misskey doesn't need that.


Just checking, you are reloading nginx after these changes right?

@NFG also, on systemctl misskey status, it returns this:

Mar 08 13:09:05 misskey[26058]: ERR * [core cluster] [3] died :(


1. You can just reload, it's quicker, but yeah that's just as effective.

2. Here's my config (I removed most commented-out lines):

Maybe that will help you?

3. When I had trouble running misskey it did give more useful errors than just 'died'... =/

I strongly suspect at some point you've skipped a step or done something wrong in your installation. I don't know what it might be... =/

@NFG Dunno, do you know where I can find a more detailed misskey log?


I mean, status misskey.service gave three or four lines that detailed -why- it failed. It's working now so I can't really tell you what those errors were... =/

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