Stop saying you can't switch to Linux when the only 'software' your employees are using is a shitty web app.

@jae My favorite is a vertical [industry] that basically uses SSH to get to the Mini [an AS400, say]. They pay for 30 licenses of MobiXTerm.

You know...I Could put Kubuntu down, make it look like Windows 7, and you could use...SSH. Oh here, have a browser too.

@daelf isn't ssh like included *even* in windows 10 now?

@jae Don't know. I live in Redmond and simply can't be arsef to use Microsoft's shit code.

I hear rumors that they have successfully compiled BASH, and have a Linux kernel.

Really tho, since I Know Microsoft's RNG is garbage, I can't in good faith trust their crypto. So... academic pointlessness.

@jae I enjoy fucking with Microsofties.

If it's mission critical, it's Unix. Windows is a toy for children to play games. Explaining this gives me joy.

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