Free and hosting!

How to get?
Arm yourself with:
A public SSH key
A name for your website
A domain name if you have one (free subdomains available)

When you are ready, send a mail to with all the details!

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@jae hey jae!

I'm considering how I might do Gemini hosting for my community, but I've never done something like this!

How have you configured it all? What software are you using to serve Gemini?

Thanks in anticipation!

@M0YNG Greetings Christopher!
If you wish to host a simple Gemini server only with one host (like domain.TLD), I have made a tutorial on how to install a pod using Docker and adrianhesketh/gemini (a server).

To get multiple hosts, I am using gemserv.

I hope it helped! :blobfoxcomputerowo:

@jae thanks! It does help

I have my own site accessible via gemini ( but knowing of gemserv is good.

I'll look at gemserv to offer hosting to others.

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