mastodon privacy 

since this is coming up again, i feel it's important to stress the following facts about privacy on mastodon:

- DMs are stored in plaintext in the database
- yes, this means admins can access them
- it also means they will be accessible if your instance DB is leaked

- however: this is the same as the situation on any other mainstream social media site
- at the end of the day you should make sure you trust your admins

- ultimately: don't use mastodon for privacy-critical messages


@chr More importantly remember to use the proper tools for each purpose.

Mastodon and activitypub were designed as a federated publication platform, not a communication system (these use cases are very difficult to reconcile), and thus lack some of the essentials of a proper communication tool, including end to end encryption.

Other tools are better suited for distributed/federated communication, including email, XMPP/Jabber, Matrix, or even Ring and some others.

@chr I guess my main message is: (or any activitypub/fediverse service) is not especially bad at privacy. As a publication tool it is even pretty good at because your connection, search, and consultation data will only be stored by your instance.

It is indeed bad at properly securing your private communication, but hey! It was not meant for having private communications in the first place.

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