Hey . Does mastodon or any status AP implementation provide temporary mute? Something in the lines of: "I cannot stand this person right now, but I would probably miss some of his-her posts later, so I am muting him-her this week."

I have been using fedilab for a while now and I feel silly: I did not find such an option.

@kaiyou pleroma has a mute option that goes away the second you close the browser/tab
@igeljaeger @kaiyou to continue, the mutes in Pleroma don't make posts disappear — they just become "folded" by default (including in notifications)
@xeno @kaiyou mmm, usually when I do it, the point is to equate the specimen to a babby. It seldom happens but usually it's a reaction to insistence on mocking me with pretend words (which is what babby does)
@roka @kaiyou kaiyou was referring to a hypothetical person of either of the two genders. seemed like they wanted to stay respectful, too.
@roka @kaiyou no i get it lol i was 100% baiting because some people on fedi just fucking SEETHE at the concept of singular they
@xeno @kaiyou eh, I dislike it and wouldn't use it much — it looks ugly, can be confusing and is irregular. It's better to go around the issue and use more descriptive ways instead if you really want to avoid defaults.

@xeno actual question (non-native english): can "they" replace any occurrence of him/her as a singular non-gendered pronoun?

@kaiyou yes! some bigoted prescriptivists won't like it, but everyone will understand - and that's what matters the most!
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