Direct Messages beta will be released soon! 🥳

- Local Only*
- Conversational UI
- Online/Active/Typing status
- Mobile app support
- Autocomplete mentions/hashtags
- Media sharing
- Experimental ephemeral and encryption support

* We are working on federation support, it's not ready yet. #pixelfed

Is there an emerging AP standard for doing this properly?

It sounds to me like AP is definitely not designed for private communications but for publishing instead (to specific audiences if required). Since multiple decent protocols already cover this completely different class of problems, why try and reinvent things?


Not saying that you are not up to the task, but chat is hard and takes time.

It has very different constraints and issues from publishing. Encryption for real time communication is even harder and the way is paved with just as many pitfalls that others have encountered before.

Why not design some kind of compatibility with say... Matrix, or XMPP? Those could easily support the messaging layer of an otherwise AP publication app.

Finally, both these protocols have tackled down most issues with encryption, trust management, group communication, etc. Both have many client and multiple server implementations.

Some of which support oauth or oidc authentication.

Why not, instead, provide a profile field specifying a Matrix or XMPP id for communication, let users fill it in if they wish to use a separate account, and provide configuration for a tightly coupled server with embedded client along with Pixelfed?

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