Direct Messages beta will be released soon! 🥳

- Local Only*
- Conversational UI
- Online/Active/Typing status
- Mobile app support
- Autocomplete mentions/hashtags
- Media sharing
- Experimental ephemeral and encryption support

* We are working on federation support, it's not ready yet. #pixelfed

Is there an emerging AP standard for doing this properly?

It sounds to me like AP is definitely not designed for private communications but for publishing instead (to specific audiences if required). Since multiple decent protocols already cover this completely different class of problems, why try and reinvent things? I don't see why not. Misskey already has messaging. Am I missing something?


AFAIK, even Misskey private messages lack most modern messaging features, starting with end to end encryption to protect private communication from malicious server admins, but also including voice chat, etc.

Direct messages for continuing a thread without spamming everyone is a cool feature. I think however that exposing it as a private messaging feature is misleading. And rewriting missing features is less productive than using existing protocols and implementations.

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