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If had fallen asleep in 2001 and woke up now...

Google owns a monopoly on browsers.

Microsoft owns a defacto monopoly on the servers where almost all of FOSS is located and development is done.

Micosoft's IDE is also what all the Kool Kids are using and is rapidly taking over.

ISP's are a monopoly in most locations in the USA: Comcast, AT&T, and a few others, but many places have just one (1) choice. South Korea (and indeed much of the world) has far better residential and mobile internet connectivity than the USA.

Almost all the servers on the internet are running Linux.... but owned by Amazon, Inc. and rented to people on an hourly basis.

All the personal devices are running either Linux or FreeBSD, but owned and closed down by Apple or Google and cellular carriers.

One of the most dominant languages is JavaScript. Some of other most dominant languages are owned by Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs is dead, Bill Gates is retired, and RMS has been run out of town on a rail for being a creep.

Endless September has been extended to a large portion of the world, who is all online and trolling each other relentlessly on massive privately-owned walled-garden fora owned by corporations. Elections have been turned by desinformatsaya purposely spread via these fora and there's no way to stop it.

AFAIK, even Misskey private messages lack most modern messaging features, starting with end to end encryption to protect private communication from malicious server admins, but also including voice chat, etc.

Direct messages for continuing a thread without spamming everyone is a cool feature. I think however that exposing it as a private messaging feature is misleading. And rewriting missing features is less productive than using existing protocols and implementations.

@resynth1943 Then one of two statements is true: either capitalism does not imply efficiency, or what we have known for some decades is not capitlism but finance-centered information-empowered neoliberalism instead.

I would say the latter is not about market efficiency, and neither is immoderate wealth about capital at all.

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Finally, both these protocols have tackled down most issues with encryption, trust management, group communication, etc. Both have many client and multiple server implementations.

Some of which support oauth or oidc authentication.

Why not, instead, provide a profile field specifying a Matrix or XMPP id for communication, let users fill it in if they wish to use a separate account, and provide configuration for a tightly coupled server with embedded client along with Pixelfed?

Not saying that you are not up to the task, but chat is hard and takes time.

It has very different constraints and issues from publishing. Encryption for real time communication is even harder and the way is paved with just as many pitfalls that others have encountered before.

Why not design some kind of compatibility with say... Matrix, or XMPP? Those could easily support the messaging layer of an otherwise AP publication app.

Is there an emerging AP standard for doing this properly?

It sounds to me like AP is definitely not designed for private communications but for publishing instead (to specific audiences if required). Since multiple decent protocols already cover this completely different class of problems, why try and reinvent things?

A bit late to the party, but it sure looks like you are overengineering a solution to a problem that was already solved in standards using link types noreferer and noopener.


S'il a déjà servi dans un btrfs ailleurs c'est normal.

Sinon la démarche est bonne. Pour le balance il est intéressant de préciser des cibles data et méta du balance.


L'association héberge des mails, mais les inscriptions sont fermées. Cela dit on crée des comptes sur simple demande.

Et si besoin de beaucoup de comptes et que tu as un nom de domaine, on peut aussi héberger les mails du domaine et déléguer la gestion dans notre interface d'admin.

Si tu veux chez @tedomum, même si les inscriptions autonomes sont fermées pour le moment, tu peux simplement pinger (plusieurs domaines dispo, possibilité de déléguer l'admin d'un domaine)

Used to. Missing it. I don't remember reading about any Wayland support though.

Is this for real? And if so is the code available anywhere? 🤯

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C'est possiblement une légende urbaine, donc à confronter, mais j'ai toujours suivi le conseil vétérinaire d'éviter alcool ou éther sur les tiques.

Cela aurait sur certaines l'effet inverse de ce qui est escompté, et augmenterait au final les chances qu'une partie reste accrochée, et donc le risque d'infection.

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RFC 8799: Limited Domains and Internet Protocols

Il y a un débat sur l'architecture de l'#Internet : dans quelle mesure faut-il un Internet uniforme, où tout est pareil partout, et dans quelle mesure faut-il au contraire des particularités qui ne s'appliquent que dans telle ou telle partie de l'Internet ? Bien sûr, la réponse n'est pas simple, et ce nouveau #RFC explore la question et discute ses conséquences, par exemple pour le développement des normes.


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when phil collins remastered his albums in 2016 he updated all the cover art from young phil collins to old phil collins and to be honest that is extremely cool

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