@angedestenebres @lrde @tedomum Mouais, ça pourrait quand même sentir le petit bug chez nous, je ferai une passe pour vérifier :)

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Bonjour la fédiverse ! Le week-end fut périlleux et nous y reviendrons pour debriefer et chercher même un peu d'aide pour aller plus vite la prochaine fois. Désolé tout plein pour les coupures.

On est toutefois sortis d'affaire et confiants sur la santé de nos services. La maintenance difficile consistait à améliorer la sécurité de nos bases de données et récupérer de l'espace disque. Malgré tout le mal, cet objectif est atteint, donc dans l'absolu on est mieux qu'avant :blobcatbox:

@lareinedeselfes @tedomum Pour cette fois c'était prévu et annoncé, c'était même la dernière coupure pour achever notre maintenance de l'enfer :blobcatmelt:

@lrde @tedomum @lareinedeselfes J'ai bien les logs d'eeur alors :) et c'est un mauvais timing de ma part, qui intervenait sur la base de Hiboo au moment de tes requêtes, désolé :$

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Une designer mène une recherche auprès d'aidants non professionnels qui effectuent des démarches en ligne à la place de personnes qui ne le font pas elles-mêmes.

Elle cherche à parler avec des aidants (bénévoles ou familiaux) ou des personnes en lien avec ces aidants pour comprendre comment ils effectuent les démarches en ligne à la place de celles et ceux qui ne peuvent pas.

Il y a des gens concernés ici ? Ca l'intéresse aussi de parler avec des bibliothécaires :)

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@fribbledom Your app doesn't need to be precognitiant, it just needs to be consistent. Users should be trained to make their own informed decisions.

If the scope of what your app does can't be mimicked by a simple command line tool, your app is too broad in scope.

Your program doesn't have to be the one psychic tool that understands the totality of what your user wants to accomplish before they've even opened it.

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@fribbledom The rise of everything-over-HTTP is the direct result of an entire class of so-called IT professionals who opted for laziness instead of actually doing their jobs and opening up ports on corporate and home firewalls.

This same laziness lead, in turn, to widespread adoption of network address translation (NAT) technologies.

Obviously, when the two techniques intersected, the result was an abject need for deep packet inspection technology, a.k.a layer-4 routing. This is the same technology that allows companies like Comcast to issue TCP RST packets to Bittorrent users, because they are able to identify Bittorrent traffic independently of all other traffic. It's also the root of basically all technology that affects net neutrality.

We've been paying the inefficiency taxes for first two technologies technologies ever since, and the legal ramifications of the third technology has yet to be fully understood (but we're finally starting to get an understanding, and it's not good).

All because some lazy asshole at some big no-name corporation refused to open ports on demand in their firewall.

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Everything is ready for tomorrow's NeoChat 1.2 release :) Here a sneak peek!

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Programming by starting with a big block of 0xFF and carving away everything that isn't your program

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Voice2Json supports 17 languages accross it's 4 backends, you can improve this list by expanding it.
It runs entirely offline without an internet connection (as opposed Rhasspy with which it shares code & most of the proprietary offerings).
It's entirely open source, if you can comprehend speech2text tech.
It learns your voice (without using any fancy Machine Learning algorithms).
I can feed it phrases to match I've extracted from webpages.

This is exactly what I want!


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Les conclusions scientifiques du Groupe d'experts Intergouvernemental sur l’Évolution du Climat (GIEC) résumées dans un rap par un enfant. Cette chanson dresse un tableau objectif, n'a rien de fataliste et ne cherche pas à faire peur mais à mieux appréhender la hauteur de enjeux. Nous avons encore le temps de faire quelque chose, mais il faut le faire tout de suite.

C'est une traduction de la chanson IPCC de Baba Brinkman, avec son accord et participation.

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🌱 The Numun Fund is a feminist technology response during COVID-19. They are seeding and sustaining technological infrastructures for feminist activism, organizations and movements. numun.fund/


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vla l'croquis d'un commande su laquel j'bosse
ca va être une peinture physique ensuite

#mastoart #art #krita

@gael if I may: elitism as such makes me feel bad, I either find it scary or repelling rather than attractive.

It should be okay to be moderately skilled, or even still learning, or to be motivated yet not passionate about your work.

On a similar topic I find it unfortunate to separate technical positions from the rest of them on your website.

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It’s hard to look at today as anything but the golden age of computing. Even entry level machines have quad-core processors and a terabyte or more of storage space...

i don't think that's what "golden age" tends to mean. i think the whole point of a golden age is that it's a (usually) mythical point in time when everything made sense. Hence, in computing terms, harking back to the days when memory was uniformly fast enough to keep pace with the processor and small enough that you could hope to fill it with one program, processors published by-and-large accurate cycle times and did one thing at once in the specified order, and operating systems were strictly optional, minimal, and readily comprehensible

and everything was documented!

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#TheGlassRoom Capsule 1.0: The Real Life of Your Selfie. Find out how much data can be extracted from just your #selfie, and what other kinds of biometric #data you might be asked to give away. theglassroom.org/en/capsule-1-

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