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Even if you don't speak German, have a look at that #dataviz beauty by @zeitonline@twitter.com: zeit.de/politik/deutschland/20

It has everything:
😍 animated maps with annotation
😍 small multiples
😍 zoomed in line charts
😍 beautiful dot circles

The best interactive story I've seen lately.

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What heretical software features can you imagine that would never fly at a growth oriented company but could totally work on free open source social media?

For example, algorithmic timelines are one way to deal with information overload. But what if instead your software offered suggestions for people to unfollow (this person posts a lot and you hardly ever interact with them)? Not necessarily a good idea but it's an idea we could implement that would NEVER happen on Twitter, Facebook, etc

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N’empêche, j’suis WTF…
Un projet de néo-banque, géré par un projet de 5A par des étudiants d’une des pires écoles d’info possibles, 1 million d’euro de levés…
Des projets comme OpenSSL ou GnuPG ou Mobilizon, tu galères pour trouver 10.000 balles… 🤔

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A Subway Map of Human Anatomy: All the Systems of Our Body Visualized in the Style of the London Underground

openculture.com/?p=1065926 t.co/Hc08sjXlfs

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Notre ami @philippe_borrel réalisateur du documentaire "Internet ou la révolution du partage" vient de finir de mettre les 15 bonus sur son compte #PeerTube 👉


Avec un bonus sur #VandanaShiva sous-titré en français.

CC @Framasoft @aprilorg

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@sb_51_ @Septie
Pour revenir à Tchap simplement, c'est globalement des instances Matrix du gouvernement avec un client Matrix (fork de Riot) verrouillé un peu.

Autant dire que pour ta messagerie perso aucune hésitation : si c'est Matrix qui t'intéresse installe Riot directement et choisis une instance dans une asso sympa, comme pour mastodon.

Autre spécificité, Matrix est comme le fedivers, les instances se parlent. Mais à ma connaissance Tchap est isolé du reste.

C'est basé sur Matrix pour le protocole et Riot pour le client. Matrix est probablement avec XMPP les meilleures alternatives qu'on ait aux gafam en terme de messagerie.

À choisir par rapport à XMPP ensuite c'est plutôt une question de philosophie. Matrix est probablement plus résistant à la censure que XMPP et avec des fonctionnalités multimédia mieux intégrées. Le tout au détriment d'un protocole plus lourd et donc de plusbdr ressources.

@ais05 I am absolutely okay with mine being published, I'll ask about hers and get back :)

@ais05 No worries :) I just had a look and I love them all!

I havent had time to check it yet, I'll let you know this afternoon :)

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a take on fedi drama 

Thanks :) the most tricky part being the indexation policy if IA stopped accepting robots.txt. I'll dig into it this week.

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@kaiyou @tutu

in nginx it’s simple

http { server { location / { return 410; }; }; };

Also providing an example config for this would be most helpful I think.

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@kaniini hey, i'm one of the former admins of berries (and the one who handled all the financials/still owns the domain). this is absolutely not acceptable and the former admin team will be taking action as soon as we figure out the proper channels.

mastodon HAS an archive function and we made it very clear to users how to use it in the days before the site went down. anyone who wanted an archive of their posts would have downloaded them already. berries had A LOT of minors who didn't give any kind of consent to have their posts archived. berries also had a lot of artists and content creators and their work is now also archived without their consent.

I believe that archiving for the purpose of protecting the data (i.e. not doing anything with it, just store it somewhere) would be okay, at least morally.

But I still haven't faced an example of this except for explicitly public archives or mirrors (usually encouraged by the author) and some small scale private copies (starting with people saving a page locally).

The closest we get is the wayback machine, if only it wasn't publishing everything.

Your point is valid on the analogy. It is unfitted on some aspects, it is the best I have though, and dismissing it based on your arguments is what lead advertising companies believe they could scrape everything, retain it forever and sell their reports on behalf of our privacy.

This is why Europe has voted a right to be forgotten, followed by more in depth privacy laws that explicitly require that personal information is not processed without people consent.

@bn4t @DashEquals
@clarjon1 @succfemboi @DJWalnut @dielan @kaniini

You cannot separate archiving from republishing in this thread. Taking and solely archiving data never happens.

Archiving always has a purpose for further processing, be it republishing, running statistics, etc. It is that processing without consent that is problematic.

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which reminds me, time to update the default robots.txt in Pleroma to explicitly block wayback machine by default.
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