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Because friends have fled, and i am now without +- any money in a few days i will probably go full hobo or into jail until better times.

So, if one wants some <week or around help with their game or a project or just with tutoring and one is willing to part with some ~100-150$, I am very glad to help.
Yes, below any paygrade, but current balance is around 20$, so this matters.

#godotengine, #art, #C, #C++, #Python, #Rust, #pcb

PM for a resume, also see pinned toots.


There's been one thing I wanted to do in Godot for around a year, and never got to it (I started to learn Godot but didn't complete the tutorial and now I forgot everything).
So, could you teach me Godot ?
What would be your rates ?

Teaching a person to use Godot would really make me glad.
There is clearly a shortage of godot devs and studios.

What kind of games are you interested in making?

If real-time sessions, like over a videocall, i think that ~15$ per hour will be ok.
If not real -time, one can make it milestone-based.



That's twice my own salary...
So I guess it's still a fair price but not sure that I can afford that.

There should be some real-time sessions but it should be possible to mix real-time and not real-time...

Oh, sorry. Now that i think about it, that was my rate i took for irl lessons when i went to the place, so i guess it would be more fair if that was 10$ for online.

About mixing - it is all ok.
The goal is to make your project work and cool on a total budget you can afford and to leave you with skills to make more.

Let's continue in PM or in chat at @houkime:m.wfr.moe (matrix)
I want to know more about what you want to do.


Actually I'm not making a game, what I want is to add a tactical (non-real-time- interactive) combat system to the FOSS game FreeOrion, whose GUI is currently rewritten in Godot : freeorion.org/forum/viewtopic.

So, technically, it would be a PoC with something like a card-game GUI.
Probably would need a parser to retrieve the info in the text files that FreeOrion uses for its warships/ship parts.

No idea how to plug it in the general FO game but that can be left for later.


There are two or three parts, but probably with mostly the same code :
- a design panel for the formation/tactical doctrine
- a post-combat visual log system (what happened in the combat, shown on the same GUI than the formation panel)
- maybe a "test mode" for the formation/tactical doctrine ?


FreeOrion is written in C++ but I know nothing in that language (I have a very, VERY limited knowledge of C, and a bit more of Python, which is not really relevant here).

I probably could work around one-two hours per day on average on this project (including the lessons) but I'm bad at motivating myself without human interactions.


My main problem with learning Godot (and other things) is that the tutorial I found, though quite good, is way too slow for me so I get quite bored.
But if I try to rush it, I skip important parts and cannot understand how to go further...


I just followed the official 2D tutorial ("dodge the creeps"), except for the "polishing" part that bored me, so I have a little more knowledge about the fundamental concepts of Godot (well, I understand now what a scene is), but I still didn't understand that much of what I was doing and I don't really know how to do things that are not in the tutorial...


I've watched a video tutorial that made me understand that the "card mat" is logically an array, but I'm not even sure what other aspects of the intended game structure I do understand.

I know what I want to do, but how to do them (or what they imply in terms of software logic) I'm not certain at all.

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