After four years, I've put 10 reasons down on why Twitter users should move to @Mastodon without losing their twitter
friends. Sound weird? Let me explain.


About the Will Wheaton situation, you may want to explain that it wasn't a technical problem, someone like him has the means to build his own instance and manage the moderation directly at that level - maybe by using whitelists rather than blacklists when the heat is rising.
He chose not to do so, and the instance admin chose to cave in, it's their decisions but not the only one possible.

@lienrag yep, i feel the article addresses these points, including hyperlinking the verge article for further 'why', focussing on the end result really. I also realise it's a pretty long article as is.

Good to know people are reading the article though, thanks for the feedback, it's my first one that I actually finished.



I"ve read the verge article a long time ago I believe, and it explains the problem in details but not the technical solutions that weren't used.
My opinion is that the Will Wheaton case is a good example of how the Fediverse doesn't prevent harassment, but could help manage it because it allows thinking out of the box - and no your article doesn't mention any of these points in regard to that very story.
I believe that a footnote at least would be interesting to address that.

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