How tf can you dislike the taste of water when it does not even taste??

I think water tastes awesome. Different waters can have a really different taste.


@Stoned_Ape @SrEstegosaurio

Actually if you tried distilled water, it tastes awful.
So taste of "waters" (which indeed can be excellent) is the taste of what in them is not water.

Correct. It's mostly the dissolved minerals that give water its flavour. For tap water, the disinfection chemicals (namely chlorine) also contribute to the taste, with some people saying they associate it with being refreshing while other people claiming it to have an off taste (either way the tiny amount of chlorine is perfectly safe in case anyone is worried).

Why is there chlorine in your tap water? Definitely wouldnt drink that.

Is that link supposed to convince me to drink chlorinated water? Afaik we dont even have that in Europe (just like we dont have chlorinated chicken).


What ?
Of course european water is chlorinated, like any public distribution water in the world afaik.


Drinking water is chlorinated in Europe I think. But I am also sure that we use way less of it!

I don't want high levels of it, I want the best drinking water of course ;)

AFAIK most European nations chlorinate their water. At least in Norway it's forbidden to fluoride the water.

Debunking the misinfo around water fluoridation:

Yes water is fluoridated. No it's not harming you.

It's a standard disinfection chemical that prevents bacteria from growing in the pipes? Pretty much all tap water have it.

It is my understanding that chlorine is only used temporarily, when there is a problem with bacteria in that region. I found the site below which seems to support this. In any case, wouldnt you be able to smell and taste chlorine?

In Europe, other alternative disinfectants are currently used for drinking water disinfection (table 1). France, for example, mainly uses ozone which was introduced in 1906 as a water disinfection agent. Italy and Germany use ozone and chlorine dioxide as primary oxidants and disinfectants. England is one of the few European countries that use chloramines as a residual disinfectant in the distribution network and the disposal of disinfection by-products. Finland, Spain and Sweden use chloramines for disinfection only occasionally.

In any case, wouldnt you be able to smell and taste chlorine?

I thought we don't taste it because it's such a small amount, while I obv still taste it in a public swimming pool.

I did read the same source, but you left some out... Also if I read the table correctly it states that most countries in Europe use chlorine for water treatment.

Europe uses alternatieve disinfectants for drinking water disinfection, as well (table 1). France, for example, mainly uses ozone. In 1906 one started applying ozone for drinking water disinfection. Italy and Germany use ozone or chlorine dioxide as a primary oxidant and disinfectant. Chlorine is added for residual disinfection. Great Britain is one of few European countries that use chloramines for residual disinfection in the distribution network and for the removal of disinfection byproducts. Finland, Spain and Sweden use chloramines for disinfection occasionally.

I live in BC, Canada, and I definitely taste a small chlorine hint in my tap water.

I'm in Canada and chlorine is used regularly in our tap water.

Video from our State broadcaster discussing chlorine fear mongering and how it actually works:

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