Are there any eReader fans out there? I rediscovered my Kobo, and remember how much I love it, but the touch screen has some dead spots on it and it's from about 2013 or 2014.

Are modern ones better in any noticeable way, or did tablets eat them for lunch?

@Canageek There have been minor tweaks to the various product lines since the early teens, but nothing radical. The technology seems to have plateaued a long time ago.

Probably the main development in the market since then has been Barnes & Noble's slow retreat from the space. Their Nook products used to be a credible challenger to Amazon, but B&N has pulled way back on promoting them. You can still technically buy a Nook device, but since rumors have swirled for years now about B&N dropping the line completely, I don't know why anybody would.

@jalefkowit if they're all equivalent I would just get another cobo, since then it's got my library already on it, plus they were originally Canadian before they were bought out by a Japanese conglomerate



If you use Calibre for your library (which you definitely should) then which ereader you use is not a problem (as long as it's not the Swindle, of course).


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