I'll be 👍️ to you.
You'll be 👍️ to me.
Friends are always 🗣️'ing me
You're a 🧏
I'm not the 👧est type
I won't let you 🔽 when you need me
We will be 👪️
Be 💦 to me
Just be 👍️ to me

when i first saw 'lb:' on here i thought it was like a homestuck thing like people were roleplaying pesterchum and their handle was like luckyBricklayer or some shit

If you can't tell, I like it! De-tangles my hair without tugging and has been treated well enough to survive for several years. Does the job.
And it is joining things like a bamboo toothbrush and a wooden soap holder as one of my little ways of showing how much I supposedly care about the environment -- while, in truth, I an not doing all that much to help it.

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I bought myself a wooden hairbrush. A small rectangular one, from Tek.
Wood handle, wooden bristles, natural rubber cushion. The design is nothing revolutionary obviously; it is shaped like your average hair brush. But it does feel nice in the hand and on the scalp, has no round balls at the ends like some cheap plastic brushes do, and is anti-static.
It has been smoothed down very well. But, running my fingers along it, I can feel the grain of the wood, the little "imperfections" of natural materials. It's both fascinating and sad that we live in an age where details like that feel somehow special, beautiful.

Oxidation of Vanadium using Zinc and Hydrochloric Acid

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@emsenn @alcinnz Don't see what being white has to do with setting up Kubernetes.

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