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Great piece in WIRED today from @timnitGebru !
"Research priorities follow the funding, and given the large sums of money being pushed into AI in support of an ideology with billionaire adherents, it is not surprising that the field has been ...proliferating products harming marginalized groups..."
"We need to liberate our imagination"

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🔖 Statistical code in a high-impact medical journal

A journal started asking authors to submit code with their manuscripts. They then analysed the next 314 papers accepted

87% denied using code, even when publishing substantial statistical analysis

10% used code but refused to share it with the journal

For the few that provided code, none scored even moderately on basic quality criteria

Assel & Vickers


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🧵1/ The Netherlands is the place to be if you want to study the #government's misuse of #AI in a democratic country

A week or so ago there was some reporting on the Top 400, a #predictive #crime initiative by the City of #Amsterdam. They algorithmically create a list of the 400 youngsters they believe are most likely to commit serious crimes. The #police actively surveills them (including house visits!), even if they haven't committed any crimes at all.

(EN src post 6)


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Hello everyone! #Zettlr now has a Mastodon account, and I'll try to slowly migrate over from Twitter over the coming months!

If you do not yet know what Zettlr is:

Zettlr is a free and open source Markdown editor that is especially suited for people who write longer texts. It supports citations out of the box, has an import/export system powered by @pandoc and many more things!

Looking forward to meeting y'all! :)

If you want to know more, head over to our website: zettlr.com/

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Wait ✋

You are telling me all this time there has been a free, non-commercial, cared for alternative to freaking goodreads

and no one fucking told me???


@bookstodon #books #reading

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🔥 Remember, if you make things too frictionless, users may slip and injure themselves without even knowing what's going on.

🎁 Friction, leveraged properly, can be useful to trigger the right type of reflection required for UX in AI-powered apps.

#design #UX #UI #AI #designcommunity #UXR #AIUX #interactiondesign

3/3 (n=3)

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Do any of you have campus policies addressing and/or limiting the use of #AI technologies for student assessment?

I’m a university senator and chair our university policy committee. This week our senate executive committee heard a presentation on academic misconduct during COVID. I learned that many accusations of misconduct resulted from the use of Respondus Monitor (now strongly discouraged but still in use). Having spent a lot of time reading about the disproportionate harm RM (and similar tools) causes for students of color, I began a conversation with our Senate Chair about whether we should develop a policy about AI tech in testing contexts (our systemwide senate passed a resolution of this nature).

If you’ve done something like this, or are currently working on it, I’d love to hear from you!

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I am dead, I can’t believe this AI intro text I just got. If you thumb through it, there are all the usual suspects like breadth-first search and probability.

Then you open the first chapter and it goes HARD on the current state of things.

Then it’s back to mathematical notation like nothing happened.

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Pushing back #AIchat back by 1 week as I didn't get a chance to post instructions on Fri & want to give everyone lots of time.

24hr #AIethics chat focussed on 1 paper

Sunday 20th Nov Anywhere on Earth

Outsider Oversight: Designing a 3rd Party Audit Ecosystem for AI Gov arxiv.org/abs/2206.04737

1) Sun morn Sydney time I'll post 3 discussion Qs
2) Hashtag #AIchat in all replies
3) Tag @facct in all replies

Notes on Tracking a hashtag blog.djnavarro.net/posts/2022-

Plz 🚀

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Someone posted a handy tip for creating less obnoxious #threads here on Masto.

1) toot the first toot
2) reply to it, but change the reply to "unlisted" instead of "public" or whatever scope the first toot was
3) make sure subsequent toots are unlisted.

Your first toot will be visible on the timelines, but only people who cliek on it will see the unlisted replies


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