* a question and suggestion to TeDomum staff, regarding the Write.freely blog display format *



Hello Ange, TeDomum!

Bon jour, and thank you for the excellent service I enjoy with the Write.Freely instance at TeDomum.

I wanted to write to you and ask a question -- regarding the displaying of pages in the instance.

From the very beginning of my usage of WF, I tried to understand how it displayed pages and images, and realized that it defaults to a 640 pixels wide column on my desktop or laptop displays.

Since then, I have always resized any images I use to fit that exactly - avoiding on-the-fly scaling, which degrades the image and causes delay. So far it has worked well for me.

When I open the URL of one of my pages directly, for example :


...it will display as created, optimally. Happy author!

However, when looking at my Blog view, the stream of all recent posts : write.tedomum.net/rgx/

...then I am dismayed to notice that my careful layout is mangled, since it seems to use a slightly narrower display width.

Sadly, that damages the presentation.

Could I ask you to consider reviewing the CSS for this function? I just took a screenshot (attached) and I do see the image size in a post is preserved at 640p, so no scaling is involved.

However -- the spacing on HR dividers is greatly compressed, and in general it seems to use a smaller size font, than the same page viewed directly by its URL.

[ Also posted at our Discourse Forums here : discourse.qoto.org/t/a-request - which might preserve the formatting and present better ]

Attachments, two images :

1. layout as seen on rgx blog feed stream (noticeable compression on vertical spacing; fonts seem ragged and possibly a bit smaller)

2. layout as seen on a page itself, with easier to read spacing on paragraphs and Horizontal Ruler breaks.

Views taken from this page : write.tedomum.net/rgx/mastodon

Merci !

Rob. #rgxJournal #WriteFreely #Blog

@design_RG Hey 😺

I did a quick check and we have no option to do that in an easy way.
We have no CSS option in Write Freely admin interface.

Moreover, I guess if we change this, it will be applied to all blogs.

I'll let the team to complete my answer if needed.


@angedestenebres @tedomum

Thank you -- It would be wonderful if it could be done. I had thought it was scaling the images and the page to a smaller width, but no, it seems to be the same 640 pixels as the individual page display.

Sadly that they vertically compress the line breaks like that. Merci!


@angedestenebres @matt
I might be wrong but I remember writefreely offers the ability to customize CSS per blog, since we do it for our own blog.

I will try and suggest a CSS snippet tomorrow to force the maximum width of the article list view.


Thank you! I have seen the box for custom css in the user control panel but never wanted to touch it. I like the default display (when it's showing a page directly, it's pretty, simple and looks good on mobile and desktop).

However -- when you see the full user blog stream, it compresses vertical spaces; this is the problem, I had thought it changed the width, but checked and it remains at 640 pixels, as it does in page view.

Sadly some programmed decided to save vertical space when displaying the bigger list, and it's damaging to content and presentation. Sucks, really.

Thank you for looking into this, much appreciated!

@angedestenebres @matt

@design_RG @tedomum @angedestenebres @matt C'est difficile de reproduire exactement le même effet comme les fontes ne sont pas identiques etc. Mais pour s'en rapprocher, dans le CSS :

body#collection article hr {
margin-top: 2em;
margin-bottom: 3em;


Merci, kaiyou!!!

That solved the problem. Wonderful, thank you.

@globcoco -- you might want to look at this topic, a problem in the default display on Write.Freely!

Copy kaiyou's code snippet into your personal account, Customization box. Save and voilá!

@tedomum @angedestenebres @matt

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