video: Thoughts on the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge

100% agree that dumping Windows when trying Linux is a bad idea. At least do a dualboot. This is paving the way for frustration. It was obviously done to be more dramatic but that's a bit frustrating.
Actually when thinking of it as a UX experiment, forcing them to not give up will result on more feedback.


@switchedtolinux 7:40 «the one thing Linux doesn't do quite well as other things»

That's actually a reason to pick among the best fitted for gaming. To ensure the less good part of the experience on Linux can be a good as the ecosystem can offer.
Linus didn't plan it though but that would still be a good strategy.

Gaming is important for a lot of people. My ability to use Linux 10 year ago in high school was limited by gaming. Same today with the child of a friend that uses Linux.

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