video: Thoughts on the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge

100% agree that dumping Windows when trying Linux is a bad idea. At least do a dualboot. This is paving the way for frustration. It was obviously done to be more dramatic but that's a bit frustrating.
Actually when thinking of it as a UX experiment, forcing them to not give up will result on more feedback.

@switchedtolinux 7:10 «Why are you sending people to Google?»

I think most people do that when trying Linux on their own. Actually it's only when you said it that I realized that videos are a better source due to comment that can call out wack stuff. Which unfortunately sites used in the video have plenty of. Linus even called them out on that. But they are about quantity & SEO over quality.

In the end it's representative of what people find when going to Linux on their own.


@switchedtolinux The actual timestamp where you elaborate video vs search engine is 8:30 . Very good advice

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