video: Thoughts on the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge

100% agree that dumping Windows when trying Linux is a bad idea. At least do a dualboot. This is paving the way for frustration. It was obviously done to be more dramatic but that's a bit frustrating.
Actually when thinking of it as a UX experiment, forcing them to not give up will result on more feedback.

@switchedtolinux 12:15 «if you don't know what DE options are before wiping Windows , you are doing it wrong»

Agreed, there are certain things to know about before wiping Windows (instead of dual boot). It would be mostly app & hardware compatibility though. Like games from one's group a friends, printer, software tied to a handled GPS, accounting software, etc .




Even productivity software actually. I have Word documents since high school that are broken due to formulas. Good thing I don't need them.
Good point of you earlier about moving to libre software on Windows before moving to Linux

But knowing about DE (including the acronym) shouldn't be necessary. And I don't think it is. Even with the recommendations of the terrible SEO farming sites that end up in search engine it should be very rare to end up with a though DE.

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