So we should consider this as a valid probable first Linux experience. As infuriating as it is due to that transient packaging issue. Not so transient because IIUC, until next iso release it would happen if one doesn't update after install. Which is expectable to not do as a beginner.

And also, I had to two friends uninstalling by the same apt pitfall their GUI. They both had years of Linux experience, one of them 10+ and did Debian packing.
It was on Ubuntu and Debian and not about Steam

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Only for someone being used to apt know that it's not the usual output and that it's serious.

For someone discovering the command line this could be the normal warning seen every time.

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@switchedtolinux 17:50

I'm pretty sure Linus didn't see the warning about essential packages when doing it from the command line. It was in the 3/4 or 100+ lines of logs. In the end, no awareness of removing stuff.

The "you are about to something potentially harmful [...]" that has been read isn't different for a beginner than things like smart screen warnings that are often seen on Windows running .exe from the internet, so often when installing apps.


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Even productivity software actually. I have Word documents since high school that are broken due to formulas. Good thing I don't need them.
Good point of you earlier about moving to libre software on Windows before moving to Linux

But knowing about DE (including the acronym) shouldn't be necessary. And I don't think it is. Even with the recommendations of the terrible SEO farming sites that end up in search engine it should be very rare to end up with a though DE.

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@switchedtolinux 12:15 «if you don't know what DE options are before wiping Windows , you are doing it wrong»

Agreed, there are certain things to know about before wiping Windows (instead of dual boot). It would be mostly app & hardware compatibility though. Like games from one's group a friends, printer, software tied to a handled GPS, accounting software, etc .


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@switchedtolinux The actual timestamp where you elaborate video vs search engine is 8:30 . Very good advice

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@switchedtolinux 7:40 «the one thing Linux doesn't do quite well as other things»

That's actually a reason to pick among the best fitted for gaming. To ensure the less good part of the experience on Linux can be a good as the ecosystem can offer.
Linus didn't plan it though but that would still be a good strategy.

Gaming is important for a lot of people. My ability to use Linux 10 year ago in high school was limited by gaming. Same today with the child of a friend that uses Linux.

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@switchedtolinux 7:10 «Why are you sending people to Google?»

I think most people do that when trying Linux on their own. Actually it's only when you said it that I realized that videos are a better source due to comment that can call out wack stuff. Which unfortunately sites used in the video have plenty of. Linus even called them out on that. But they are about quantity & SEO over quality.

In the end it's representative of what people find when going to Linux on their own.

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About the dual boot, maybe they just don't know about that. And the installer won't tell them because they used a dedicated drive IIRC.

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video: Thoughts on the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge

100% agree that dumping Windows when trying Linux is a bad idea. At least do a dualboot. This is paving the way for frustration. It was obviously done to be more dramatic but that's a bit frustrating.
Actually when thinking of it as a UX experiment, forcing them to not give up will result on more feedback.

@gbryant Thanks for the video, I'm happy that it was yet another piece of constructive and balanced analysis. (the shameless clickbait title made me expect the worse) This is experiment it quite exiting for the community.

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at 10:58, video: Reacting to the Linux Daily Driver Challenge

Unfortunately multimedia codecs are still a thing. I noticed it when installing openSUSE Tumbleweed and before I installed the patent encumbered codecs, I couldn't play H264 videos.


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