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If you're interested in knowing how to solve RE tasks using cryptanalysis only, you should check out my new post. You'll see the methodology I applied to solve the micro-bit crackme of the challenge of @_leHACK_@twitter.com 2019 of @virtualabs@twitter.com @iotcert@twitter.com

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a good guide to the basics of offensive lateral movement/pivoting, including psexec, DCOM, WMI, winRM, etc. the guide uses cobaltstrike for most of the demo, which is superrrr fun (albeit noisy) to play with, if you haven't.

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"Webmin 0day remote code execution"

Tl;Dr: Lack of input validation in the reset password function allows RCE (CVE-2019-15107). Over 13 0000 vulnerable on Shodan.

user=root&pam&expired&old=wrong | id


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Tencent Security Team has worked out a stable POC of CVE-2019-1181/1182. It works on Win7 to Win10. Patch your system as soon as possible. REF:

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⚠️ Arretez tout et allez mettre à jour vos Windows. ⚠️ (Merci à @ANSSI_FR@twitter.com @CERT_FR@twitter.com)

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In case you missed @natashenka@twitter.com's talk at @BlackHatEvents@twitter.com this week, here is a video showing a remote exploit for one of the iMessage bugs we found: youtu.be/E_9kBFKNx54 Be sure to read googleprojectzero.blogspot.com if you are interested in these kinds of attacks!

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Today at Black Hat @markmorow@twitter.com
& I presented on "Attacking & Defending the Microsoft Cloud."

Slides are now available to download:

We covered several attacks (& defense): password spray, token theft, password reuse, on-prem cloud integration, & more!

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Hey @TimiHealth@twitter.com. You might want to check your email. I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is probably not good.

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IBM X-Force details new "warshipping" technique that relies on criminal groups shipping packages with malicious WiFi equipment within a company's network range, so they can perform wireless attacks on the internal network


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Captain, we've detected a disturbance in space-time. It's coming from Earth. Someone audited the Kubernetes source • The Register theregister.co.uk/2019/08/06/k

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You can turn a cheap rpi0w into a plug and play ethernet gadget to upgrade any device to a pentest platform. Nexmon allows monitor mode on the default WiFi running @bettercap@twitter.com and its web UI. Boots in seconds, deauths and gets handshakes like a mf 😬

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Interesting: ‘“GitHub knew or should have known that obviously hacked data had been posted to GitHub.com,” […] The plaintiffs believe that because Social Security numbers had a fixed format, GitHub should have been able to identify and remove this data’ twitter.com/jedisct1/status/11

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Thanks to @SentinelOne@twitter.com @patrickwardle@twitter.com, my free ebook of How To Reverse Malware is now available. Learn to set up a safe test lab, find samples, static + dynamic analysis. eBook is free; tools you need are free. 😁go.sentinelone.com/ebook-macos

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NIST has released a new document around best practices on MFA/Risk based auth. for e-commerce: nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/Spec
(Bonus: it aligns with SP-800-63 and is really detailed architecture-wise)

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PowerHub : A post exploitation tool based on a web application, focusing on bypassing endpoint protection and application whitelisting : github.com/AdrianVollmer/Power

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