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Just released viewgen, a ViewState tool capable of generating both signed and encrypted payloads with leaked validation keys or web.config files. All algorithms supported.

TL;DR: Got a web.config file or LFI on ASP.NET? Pop a shell!


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You don’t have to be Gary Line-hacker to realise too many football fans are using their favourite club to protect their accounts...


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Don’t be ridiculous. I broke shit WITH PERMISSION. How hard is that to do, getting permission first?

Never mind, I’m old and apparently times have changed. twitter.com/_dismantl/status/1

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For those working through Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking having trouble getting the vulnerable apps, getting the torrent to work, finding ISOs etc. I have a repo with everything in it. Email me at georgia at shevirah . com and I'll send it to you.

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A new @bsdnow@twitter.com is OUT! fireside.fm/s/FYhhasNR+eh64HOU A @ @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com-powered Plan 9 cluster, an SSH tarpit, rdist for when @ansible@twitter.com is too much, falling in love with @openbsd@twitter.com again, how I created my first @freebsd@twitter.com port, Tilde Institute of OpenBSD education with @allanjude@twitter.com & @bsdbcr@twitter.com!

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Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de sponsors pour le CTF Inter IUT 2019. @CTF_Inter_IUT@twitter.com.

Si vous êtes intéressés par l'événement nous serons ravis de vous faire parvenir notre dossier de sponsoring.

(RT extrêmement appréciés :) !)

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Pleased to announce that @myhackerhouse@twitter.com on-demand training portal is LIVE! You can now take our award winning training course online! Learn how to hack root, breach networks and understand how hacker's target networks! More info: hacker.house/training & free trial!

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Listen up! Currently there is a beginner friendly CTF running by @tghack1337@twitter.com. Be sure to check it out - you will learn a lot. Everyone who shows up on Tuesday at the Fluxtreffen and scored at least 1500 points will get a very nice price!


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Face au réveil russe, la Suède remilitarise l'île balte de Gotland - [par @_Tom_Little@twitter.com]

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Adblock Plus filter can be exploited to execute arbitrary code in web pages bit.ly/2VN82Oz

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That brings PlaidCTF2019 to an end!
Congratulations to the winners (and all participants) of the 9th PlaidCTF:
217, TeaDeliverers, and seoulplusbadass

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@PompiersParis@twitter.com Le largage d'eau par avion sur ce type d'édifice pourrait en effet entraîner l'effondrement de l'intégralité de la structure.
Aux côtés des qui font actuellement le maximum pour sauver .

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My name is Alejandro Flores, I have a bachelor degree in Cybersecurity with 1.5 years of experience in an internship as Security analyst, next month i'll get a certificate on Sec+. I am currently looking for a job on a remote position or in any organization. Help retweeting pls.

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