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Ce livre destiné à toute la famille se présente sous la forme d'un dictionnaire : à chaque lettre sa petite indication homéo.
Ici, A comme AVC :
"Le sujet est souvent dans le coma et semble paralysé....
En attendant l'avis du médecin, LUI GLISSER DANS LA BOUCHE..." !!!!

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Comme promis, voilà le write-up pour le challenge Richelieu organisé par la @DGSECOM@twitter.com have fun ! 🕵️‍♂️

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Twitter, your help is appreciated...
I'm thinking of a next book project. Two ideas I have:
1. "2nd edition" for "Windows Kernel Programming" with more topics (network drivers, more file systems, …)
2. "Windows 10 System programming", sort of updated "Windows via C++".

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IDA 7.3 released! With undo/redo after all these years. Also -> PowerPC x64 decompiler! I wish i had it half a year ago when i reversed a bunch of AIX PPC binaries. Complete list of features -> hex-rays.com/products/ida/7.3/

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There should be zero doubt that 8 character passwords are dead

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If powershell.exe & dlls, cmd.exe, certutil.exe, bitsadmin.exe, ftp.exe x/copy.exe, and print.exe is already to blocked? uses expand.exe to remote copy file.

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Nous avons le plaisir de confirmer que 2020 se déroulera le mardi 28 janvier 2020 à Lille, en marge du @FIC_eu@twitter.com

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your periodic reminder that if you want to start disclosure fights, you might want to be familiar with some of the history of disclosure fights as documented at ee.oulu.fi/research/ouspg/Disc (h/t Ivan Arce)

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I'm currently working on @ben_eater@twitter.com's 8-bit breadboard computer. To not spam the main channel I'm uploading the clips to "RandomOverflow".

Find the new channel here:
youtube.com/channel/UCNNfzr9A5 or follow me on twitch.tv/LiveOverflow

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Hello world,

French apprentice cybersecurity engineer, I'm looking for a new job position as a cryptanalyst engineer, starting in October 2019. Preferably in french speaking Switzerland or France.

Can you help me out ?

Thanks !

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holy shit the video is 100x better than the still image ever could have led me to believe

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"WEN ETA JB? A 2 million dollars problem" a review of modern iOS mitigations I did with @0xf4b@twitter.com
Full paper (English): sstic.org/media/SSTIC2019/SSTI
Video (French) and (soon) slides (English): sstic.org/2019/presentation/WE

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Les articles des conférences sont disponibles sur leur page, accessible depuis sstic.org/2019/programme/ et les solutions du challenge sont en ligne : sstic.org/2019/challenge/

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“The attack was carried out by using a pattern that is becoming more and more popular; publishing a ‘useful’ package (electron-native-notify) to npm, waiting until it was in use by the target, and then updating it to include a malicious payload.” blog.npmjs.org/post/1853978142

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Merci au commité d'orga et de programme du @sstic@twitter.com pour leur travail

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