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Due to Floating Point emulation, Linux MIPS (Kernels through 4.7 2001-2016) have executable stacks.

The patch, released in 2016 and still present - Kernel 4.8, introduces a universal DEP and ASLR bypass.



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Glibc Heap Exploitation Basics : ptmalloc2 internals (Part 2) - Fast Bins and First Fit Redirection


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MISP book has been updated and available online in various format circl.lu/doc/misp/ including HTML, PDF, epub and Kindle. circl.lu/doc/misp/book.pdf Thanks to all the contributors and @SteveClement@twitter.com for the continuous love.

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RT @matrosov@twitter.com: Happy to announce all the chapters of bootkits.io now available in Early Access (~600 p). 4 years of writing/rewriting. The book almost a double the size from the original proposal (rootkits/bootkits, UEFI threats and modern forensics) Thx @billpollock@twitter.com and @nostarch@twitter.com!!

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RT @GossiTheDog@twitter.com: Things you can look at detecting: people running whoami (or whoami.exe on Windows), people mounting filesystems. Things for strengthening - I wouldn't present Struts to internet; too exploitable. Firewall app servers.

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RT @GossiTheDog@twitter.com: Brexit as an IT project: somebody wrote a one sentence project proposal saying you would migrate everything to Blockchain technology, which the board somehow approved despite nobody knowing what Blockchain does.

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RT @cr3@twitter.com: UNFAMILIAR FACE ALERT!
Okay yes thank you Nest that’s grwat

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RT @DissectMalware@twitter.com: Last night, I was exploring and realized that one can use a shell extension for persistency and learnt how to write one in C#.

Before tweeting, I found this awesome google.com/amp/s/oalabs.openan by @herrcore@twitter.com

I was late a few years

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RT @martijn_grooten@twitter.com: I've seen the same email with "Bomb is in your building" subject, different Bitcoin address (1LVZqNEUHnhGxZ2qgJApd3qbHWZtpMhkAo) and, because why not, different kind of explosive (Hexigen).
To state the totally obvious: this is a scam, do not pay. twitter.com/0x736A/status/1073

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RT @martijn_grooten@twitter.com: And while looking for this, I found this probably unrelated campaign from a few hours ago. Link goes to Google Docs which, without any warning, servers Ursnif virustotal.com/en/file/f78a350

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