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A update to start the week... introducing **very** experimental ARM64 support 🥳 for Windows 10 (1803), with a tons of bugfixes and two or three little things for pleasure
(details: github.com/gentilkiwi/mimikatz )

Yes, it still support Windows XP 😉

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Just won the boss of the SOC at @1ns0mn1h4ck@twitter.com with @newsoft@twitter.com @Nikaiw@twitter.com and @whira_wr@twitter.com! Congratz guys 😆

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MILCOM 2018 - Military Communications Conference


So much interesting papers!

Latte: Large-Scale Lateral Movement Detection, Detecting Manifestation of Adversary Characteristics, Graph for Attack Detection on Flow-Based Network Traffic, etc

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Support added to crack Kerberos 5 TGS-REP (etype 17 and etype 18) hashes 100% on GPU. Great contribution from @Fist0urs@twitter.com from @Synacktiv@twitter.com : github.com/hashcat/hashcat/pul Happy Kerberoasting!

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So, that's CVE-2019-5418.

Accept: ../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd{{

(And we might see more fun involving the PathResolver in the future :))

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Updated icon set in -maltego for MISP Threat Sharing and ATT&CK visualisation of relationships. @MITREattack@twitter.com @MISPProject@twitter.com

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Sneak peek preview at new visualization tool utilizing declarative power to explore inner structures of intricate binary formats. Hurray to more vis tools and integrations!

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Une nouvelle version du Guide de recommandations de sécurité relatives à vos systèmes est maintenant disponible !
Il apporte plus de précisions sur l'utilisation de

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MISP 2.4.103 has been released including major UI improvements, many new features and a security fix for CVE-2019-9482 (regarding sighting visibility). Thanks to all the contributors who make information sharing a reality. misp-project.org/2019/03/04/MI

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We're doomed

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Meet the cyborg beetles, real insects that are controlled like robots to save human lives.

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Chronicle (recent Alphabet company) releases Backstory. "Upload your security telemetry, including high-volume data such as DNS traffic, netflow, endpoint logs, proxy logs, etc., so that it can be indexed and automatically analyzed by our analytics engine" medium.com/@chroniclesec/intro

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Présentation @ANSSI_FR du futur référentiel : Prestataires d'Admin et Maintenance Sécurisée @nolimitsecu nolimitsecu.fr/pams/

Plein d'infos
⚀ Traite à la fois IT et SI indus
⚁ Qualif société, pas de qualif personnes
⚂ Très inspiré du guide d'admin sécu
⚃ v0 en oct19

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Woah, the "noclip.website" is INCREDIBLY cool!

It allows you to freely fly around in perfectly data-mined maps from various games! Look at me flying through Delfino Plaza!

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