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Excited to share some work with colleagues last summer at Facebook Reality Labs that is now up on arXiv!
“DeepSDF: Learning Continuous Signed Distance Functions for Shape Representation” Here’s a snippet of some fun interpolations in the shape latent space.

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Current status of what @HDevo@twitter.com and I have been working on.

(this is automatically generated, vector, SVG and PDF compatible, adapts to fonts, 0.5 sec, client side, standalone, and just takes JSON as input - so you can plug any parser).

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I wrote a vulnerable web application with live query visualization to help understanding SQL injections. Code is here : github.com/Geospace/sqli-platf .

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Pwnable.tw : a wargame site for hackers to test and expand their binary exploiting skills : pwnable.tw/

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This website is absolutely awesome when it comes to DNS analysis, really cool graphs too dnsdumpster.com/

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De mieux en mieux la banque d'images Shutterstock !! Vérification de la tension d'une batterie rechargeable avec un pied à coulisse ?? 🤣 Continuez à nous faire rire comme ça, vous êtes parfait... 🤗

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« Bienvenue chez @DHLExpressFr@twitter.com.
Nous vous remercions de patienter, un conseiller clientèle va *rapidement* répondre à votre demande. »

« Votre satisfaction est notre priorité. Ne quittez pas, nous allons donner suite à votre appel dans un *court instant* ».

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Sunday morning decisions are hard. Time to go to @BarrelThiefSEA@twitter.com and make them easier.

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Dans la nuit du 1er au 2 Janvier, il y avait *beaucoup* de vent en Allemagne.
Leurs éoliennes produisaient presque 40GW d'électricité, soit 70% de la prod elec nucléaire française au même moment. 😳

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I made a script to instantly make an MD5 multi-collision of any quartet of executable, image, video and document.
a pileup of PE/PNG/MP4/PDF.

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the hassh and hasshserver fingerprint (to easily fingerprint SSH servers and clients) is now a default type (misp-project.org/datamodels/#t) in @MISPProject@twitter.com and MISP standard. You can easily share indicators and objects to trace malicious SSH clients/servers. github.com/salesforce/hassh

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You may have pwned iOS, but have you ever pwned z/OS?

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Starting off my @internetofshit@twitter.com coverage for CES this year with whatever the fuck this is

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Based on the publication "An analysis and classification of public information security data sources used in research and practice" by Clemens Sauerwein and others, we implemented a new @MISPProject@twitter.com taxonomy misp-project.org/taxonomies.ht to describe public information data source.

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Sunday time (1/2) : benchmarking some C64s with a friend.
Vice vs OdroidGo vs Mister vs C64Mini vs original.
Basically they all run quite the same. But C64 original is the best anyway!

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NEW post: The Process of Mastering a Skill.

Ever wondered what it takes to become really good at something and master a field?

You can’t become the next @aionescu@twitter.com in a year. If you want to become a real expert, don’t look for shortcuts. Put in the work:


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This projet defeat ReCaptcha with 91% accuracy 🤩. How? You might ask. They ask for the audio challenge, dl the mp3, forward it to Google Speech2Text API and submit the answer back... and it works 🤦🏻‍♂️ buff.ly/2CO6s7V

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Why the hell does a password manager need procdump? Is it automatically adding credentials from memory? 🤔

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