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💬🛡️ [@defcon@twitter.com] This year again, our senior security researcher @virtualabs@twitter.com will give a talk at about . 10 August, 12:00 time 🇺🇸.
More info: bit.ly/2XQtMt2

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C'est officiel ! La composition finale de la vient de tomber après ladernière étape de sélection lors de @_leHACK_@twitter.com !
Découvrez l'équipe qui se mesurera à ses homologues européens lors de l' en octobre

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Updates on malware tracker.
- 2550+ Samples reached
- Malware notes added: Protonbot, Warzone RAT, Amadey (Soon 50 notes cap!).
- Notes updated : Kpot / Qulab
- New links on Learning Tab & some advices by me.

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Here's a funny one @danielhbohannon@twitter.com - what do you think `mask` does? 😁

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📢 PoC Confirmed : CVE-2019-13567

Besides the video privacy bug disclosed earlier this week, insecure local web-server installed by software also left Mac computers vulnerable to a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaw

Read ➤ thehackernews.com/2019/07/zoom

—by @unix_root@twitter.com

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TechCrunch/@zackwhittaker: "🍎 has pushed a silent update to all Macs removing a ...web server installed by Zoom"

How? MRTConfigData_10_14-1.45 (MRT is 🍎's built-in "Malware Removal Tool") added "MACOS.354c063", a new encoded signature & removal routine 😯😅

H/T @howardnoakley@twitter.com

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This Zoom vulnerability is bananas. I tried one of the proof of concept links and got connected to three other randos also freaking out about it in real time. medium.com/@jonathan.leitschuh

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I have reverse-engineered @VMWare@twitter.com's patch for the vuln in VMWare ESXi that was exploited at @GeekPwn@twitter.com 2018 to take it down for the first time. It's an uninitialized stack variable usage RCE in the host-side code of vmxnet3 network adapter. Binary diff via Workstation 15.0.0/15.0.1

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Trying to find documents where user's have clicked "enabled macros" in MSFT Office?

Look at HKEY_USERS|HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\.*\Security\Trusted Documents\TrustRecords reg keys for values ending in FFFFFF7F


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Les Sweat sont arrivés et seront distribués le 4&5 Juillet à l'ESGI et le 6 à @_leHACK_@twitter.com ! Pingez @J0ech1p@twitter.com ou @Maxou56800@twitter.com pour plus d'info :)

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It is finally here! My Beginner Malware Analysis course has finally been released, and you can find it here: 0verfl0w.podia.com/malware-ana … - plus all samples used have been uploaded to @virusbay_io@twitter.com, although if you don't have an account just yet, feel free to message me to get them!

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Neneh Cherry’s visuals at Glastonbury crashed and rebooted revealing Windows XP and I can’t decide if that’s terrible or the most retro cool thing ever

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This is the fundamental issue with “anonymized data.” Have you ever forgotten to sign your name to your homework but your teacher could recognize your handwriting? That, but in a billion different dimensions xkcd.com/2169/

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Another great paper from Samsung AI lab! @egorzakharovdl@twitter.com et al. animate heads using only few shots of target person (or even 1 shot). Keypoints, adaptive instance norms and GANs, no 3D face modelling at all.
▶️ youtu.be/p1b5aiTrGzY
📝 arxiv.org/abs/1905.08233

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The bad news: getting to sleep is hard, especially when your brain wants to get things done.

The good news: our USB analyzer now has support for a (still somewhat bare-bones) console-based Text UI, and support Linux's USBmon.

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