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Cerbero Suite 3.3 is out! - cerbero-blog.com/?p=1842 - Theme support, hugely improved native UI for Ghidra, MachO Carbon support, XP compatibility and a few bug fixes. Happy hacking!

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Mitre ATT&CK Sub-Techniques Preview:
- New ID numbering
- New techniques
- Technique decomposition
- Technique realignment and deprecation
- Technique-to-sub-technique demotion


By @MITREattack@twitter.com

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Responder upcoming release will be supporting RDP ;)

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Tencent Security Team has worked out a stable POC of CVE-2019-1181/1182. It works on Win7 to Win10. Patch your system as soon as possible. REF:

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Today at Black Hat @markmorow@twitter.com
& I presented on "Attacking & Defending the Microsoft Cloud."

Slides are now available to download:

We covered several attacks (& defense): password spray, token theft, password reuse, on-prem cloud integration, & more!

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Hey @TimiHealth@twitter.com. You might want to check your email. I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is probably not good.

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IBM X-Force details new "warshipping" technique that relies on criminal groups shipping packages with malicious WiFi equipment within a company's network range, so they can perform wireless attacks on the internal network


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You can turn a cheap rpi0w into a plug and play ethernet gadget to upgrade any device to a pentest platform. Nexmon allows monitor mode on the default WiFi running @bettercap@twitter.com and its web UI. Boots in seconds, deauths and gets handshakes like a mf 😬

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Thanks to @SentinelOne@twitter.com @patrickwardle@twitter.com, my free ebook of How To Reverse Malware is now available. Learn to set up a safe test lab, find samples, static + dynamic analysis. eBook is free; tools you need are free. 😁go.sentinelone.com/ebook-macos

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PowerHub : A post exploitation tool based on a web application, focusing on bypassing endpoint protection and application whitelisting : github.com/AdrianVollmer/Power

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usbrip : Simple command line forensics tool for tracking USB device artifacts (history of USB events) on GNU/Linux : github.com/snovvcrash/usbrip

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I made a GZIP file that infinitely contains itself! Includes a self-referencing CRC~


(remove backslash as I don't want to be banned for spreading zip bombs lol)

Want to know how to make one yourself?

Read 👇


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botnet found to be integrating a scanner along with newer exploit modules.
Blog upcoming by @ulexec@twitter.com and me.

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💬🛡️ [@defcon@twitter.com] This year again, our senior security researcher @virtualabs@twitter.com will give a talk at about . 10 August, 12:00 time 🇺🇸.
More info: bit.ly/2XQtMt2

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C'est officiel ! La composition finale de la vient de tomber après ladernière étape de sélection lors de @_leHACK_@twitter.com !
Découvrez l'équipe qui se mesurera à ses homologues européens lors de l' en octobre

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