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Cerbero Suite 3.3 is out! - cerbero-blog.com/?p=1842 - Theme support, hugely improved native UI for Ghidra, MachO Carbon support, XP compatibility and a few bug fixes. Happy hacking!

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Mitre ATT&CK Sub-Techniques Preview:
- New ID numbering
- New techniques
- Technique decomposition
- Technique realignment and deprecation
- Technique-to-sub-technique demotion


By @MITREattack@twitter.com

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Fortigate are calling this issue in FortiOS a “vulnerability” but to be clear it’s actually a major backdoor.

The backdoor code is flat out there in the OS, it even needs a ‘secret’ code typed to trigger it.

How did a major firewall vendor (almost 500k IPs) end up backdoored? twitter.com/gossithedog/status

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Apprendre à utiliser vim de manière ludique, c'est maintenant possible !
Les utilisateurs de nano n'ont plus d'excuse. twitter.com/MasteringVim/statu

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portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-U great to see is taking action to reduce attack surface by advising customers to enable LDAP relay mitigations. We talked about these issues at our @defcon@twitter.com and @BlackHatEvents@twitter.com talks. @simakov_marina@twitter.com

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If you're interested in knowing how to solve RE tasks using cryptanalysis only, you should check out my new post. You'll see the methodology I applied to solve the micro-bit crackme of the challenge of @_leHACK_@twitter.com 2019 of @virtualabs@twitter.com @iotcert@twitter.com

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a good guide to the basics of offensive lateral movement/pivoting, including psexec, DCOM, WMI, winRM, etc. the guide uses cobaltstrike for most of the demo, which is superrrr fun (albeit noisy) to play with, if you haven't.

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Responder upcoming release will be supporting RDP ;)

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"Webmin 0day remote code execution"

Tl;Dr: Lack of input validation in the reset password function allows RCE (CVE-2019-15107). Over 13 0000 vulnerable on Shodan.

user=root&pam&expired&old=wrong | id


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Tencent Security Team has worked out a stable POC of CVE-2019-1181/1182. It works on Win7 to Win10. Patch your system as soon as possible. REF:

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⚠️ Arretez tout et allez mettre à jour vos Windows. ⚠️ (Merci à @ANSSI_FR@twitter.com @CERT_FR@twitter.com)

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In case you missed @natashenka@twitter.com's talk at @BlackHatEvents@twitter.com this week, here is a video showing a remote exploit for one of the iMessage bugs we found: youtu.be/E_9kBFKNx54 Be sure to read googleprojectzero.blogspot.com if you are interested in these kinds of attacks!

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Today at Black Hat @markmorow@twitter.com
& I presented on "Attacking & Defending the Microsoft Cloud."

Slides are now available to download:

We covered several attacks (& defense): password spray, token theft, password reuse, on-prem cloud integration, & more!

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