Thanks for yesterday's dance. It was a very special day. This kind of special days everything just flow effort-lessly.
Kiitos 😍

Today I'm crafting some wood to fix a door frame & organising my pretty new Ecstatic Dance Music playlist 😃 (oh it's EDM 🤷‍♀️😅)

See you next week for a new dance? 🥰🔥

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Hello :blobcatpeek:

I'm the maintainer of @feditips, @FediFollows, @FediVideos and @homegrown /

If you find these useful, you can make a donation at: :blobcatheart:

It says euros but any currency will work, and you don't need to register either.

(Alternatively, if you want to be a patron there's

Thank you! :blobcathug:

Anybody on this instance has made some research about a server-side solution for AI based information collecting and filtering?

Which can digest emails, RSS, facebook, instagram, mastodon, youtube...

I would be up to set up such a service at Tedomum scale, and give a hand to maintain it. 🙏🙏🙏

Any interest?

@angedestenebres @ayiniho @orbital @tedomum

I wonder how easy it can be to add 2 columns here...
- posts last 7 days
- posts last 30 days

Could be useful for some cleanup with too active accounts 😅

Also, it would be wonderful to add an option to train a personnal machine-learning profile to filter/order the information.
With an option to reset it. easy way to reset it!)

It would be ... just perfect and would kill facebook for sure.

Sacred Earth Festival in Finland - About Tantra, connection... 🥰
21-24th July.

Looks like there is too much information & so much noise. It is discouraging.

Would it be a good practice that people who post would filter themselves and publish quite slowly, to avoid loosing interest?

How to not miss an important info that has disappeared so fast in the highspeed flow?

How to give quick feedback that a post is intereating in only one action?

Will never revalise main social medias this way...

Sorry Mastodon. I might not follow this insane unfiltered highway

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Arrêtez tout ! Nous sommes sauvés !

Face à la , un mis en place par l'État

La traverse un épisode caniculaire précoce, plus de 40°C sont attendus localement. Il faut adopter les bons réflexes, notamment pour les personnes fragiles.


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